KARTGroup show from the 26th of September to the 2nd of October 2014 organized in partnership with the "Korea International Art Exchange Association".

 We are very pleased to have the collective Korea International Art Exchange Association, which presents the work of its most qualified members for the first time in France. After Marburg, Toronto and New York, the Metanoia Gallery is honored to have been chosen to host this prestigious event in Paris. It is my wish that the Parisian public will visit the show in large numbers to come and discover how valuable Korean art is to us.

coreetrad2Korea·International Art Exchange Association

“Korea Art International Exchange Association” composing of artists pursuing for the world of beauty based on the most Korean formative consciousness and colors is a cultural organization actively holding art exhibitions domestically and abroad in order to promote Korean culture & arts through its activities like networks establishment and culture exchanges in the 21C global age.

Starting to hold the exhibition “Beautiful Folk Pictures” invited by “City Marburg”, Germany in 2008, the Korea Art International Exchange Association formally founded as the Korea & Germany Art Exchange Association after holding the exhibition “Letter from Germany” in Sangrok Art Museum located in “Gwangju-city” in Korea in 2009. And being authorized by its general meeting in 2011, the Korea & Germany Art Exchange Association changed its name into current “Korea Art International Exchange Association” in 2011, and have held total 18 exhibitions domestically and abroad including “2013 Korean & Canadian Modern Artists Exhibition” honoring 50th diplomatic relationship between Korea and Canada until 2013.


History :

2008. 8. Germany Marburg City Hall Nordern Folk Painting Invited Exhibition
2009. 5. Gangju Museum of Art-Sang Rok <The letter from Germany>
2010. 5. Korea Modern Folk Painting Exhibition / China Hangzhou invited
2010.10. The National Touring Exhibition
(Seoul Mulpaseu Face, Gangwon-do Youngwol folk museum, Gwangju Homak Art Gallery)
2011. 2. Korean·Germany Art Exchange Association Name Change
2011. 4. Korea Modern Folk Painting Exhibition / New York Korea Village Museum
2011. 9. Art exhibition of 20 artists representing Korea / Polriteon 419 Exhibition at Gallery LA, USA
2011.11. Korea Modern Folk Painting Exhibition / Gwangju City Gallery invites won
2012. 1. Imjin·To climb the sky dragon New year / Gallery of Dansung Invited exhibition
2012. 1. Year of the Dragon·A great Leap Folk Painting Exhibition / Seoul Gallery
2012. 3. Folk - expression before coloring / Gwangju City National Museum
2012. 5. Korea Beautiful Colors of the Art Travel / Stadt Walldorf Germany at Allen invited
2012.10. Korea·Vietnam Amity 20th Celebration Commemoration International Contemporary Art Fair
2013. 1. Korea Beautiful Colors of the Art Travel / Gangaram art Gallery
2013. 8. Korea Beautiful Colors of the Art Travel / Seoul Gallery
2013. 9. Korea Beautiful Colors of the Art Travel / Gangaram art Gallery
2013.10. Art Exhibiton in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relation Between Korea and Canada / Canada Toronto Dosan Gallery

2008. 8. 아름다운 민화전 (독일 마브르크시 시청 청사)
2009. 5. 한국 광주광역시 시립 상록미술관 <독일에서 온 편지 展>
2009. 5. 한국·독일 양국 대표모임 / 한독미술교류회 발족
2010. 5. 현대 민화전 / 중국 항주시 초청 ( 한·독 미술교류회 )
2010. 10. 한·독 미술교류회 전국 순회전
(서울 물파스페이스, 강원도 영월 민화박물관, 전남 광주 호맥미술관)
2011. 2. 한국·국제 미술교류협회 명칭 변경
2011. 4. 현대 민화展 / 미국 뉴욕 코리아빌리지 미술관
2011. 9. 한국미술 대표작가 20인展 / 미국 LA 폴리턴 419갤러리 초대전
2011. 11. 현대 민화展 / 광주광역시 원갤러리 초대
2012. 1. 임진·웅비 세화전 / 단성갤러리 초대展
2012. 1. 임진 새해 용 오름전 / 서울미술관
2012. 3. 민화-채색의 발현전 / 광주광역시 국립박물관
2012. 5. 민화-아름다운 색채여행展 / 독일 슈타트 알렌도르프시 초청전
2012.10. 한국 베트남 수교 20주년 현대미술 국제아트페어展
2013. 1. 민화-아름다운 색채여행展 / 한가람 아트갤러리 초대
2013. 8. 민화-아름다운 색채여행展 / 서울 갤러리(서울 인사동)
2013. 9. 민화-아름다운 색채여행展 / 한가람 아트갤러리
2013.10. 한국·캐나다 수교 50주년 기념 <현대 미술작가 展> 캐나다 토론토 도산갤러리




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